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June 8, 2012


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Yesterday morning I read Mark Schaefer’s blog “Good news for the economy might be bad news for social media” and to sum up, the growth of the economy and jobs means a decrease in social media activity, because time on those networks will become so limited, selective though more mobile for the user. You’ll see where I’m going on with this.

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Two days prior, I was fortunate enough to get a Skype date with Overblog‘s (birthed in Europe) communications maven Liva, COO/co founder Fred Montagnon and co founder/CEO Julien Romanetto to find out more about their vision and Overblog. They have 35 million visitors a month in Europe and are midst of a successful launch at BlogWorld Expo.  I have aleady tinkered with the blog (see mine here - it migrates everything from my wordpress site in a jiffy) and I found the site incredibly…rad. It was intuitive and easy to set up with themes to choose from (a total of 100 should  be available by September).  The Overblog team were able to achieve simplicity because they have clarity of their mission: “Create the platform with the intent to give our mothers the ideal tool to publish content online.” Fred told me, “And you know what…big challenge.  My mother is low tech…the first status my mother did on Facebook was her password.”

The other amazing component of their strategy and vision is the aggregation of posts, or as they say in their Twitter bio “Turn your fragmented social + blog posts in a unique, real time personal online magazine.” You can hook up your Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, LinkedIn, etc each with filter settings to control how much comes through. Instead of speed dating your social networks, they will all publish on your overblog. Since one might not publish daily on WordPress, Overblog can collect additional volume in one place.

Overblog is multi dimensional and that’s what I love about it.  It gives me depth to my digital identity in one place.

So, back to Mark’s post. I reflected on two important issues that made me think of Overblog. Why? Aha…

1) If this forecast is correct, then activity across networks are going to look lower if the user is too busy working.  If people work more, when do they socialize online? During the commute to and from work, on breaks, and weekends.  Will all of us want to write a personal, full blog daily? Some will, absolutely, but some will not. We might tweet some, take a stunning picture of the sky from your office (Instragram makes everything look better, don’t deny it), shoot a video on your weekend trip…you get the idea.  Across varying social networks, the buzz will decrease due to less traffic. Overblog consolidates traffic from various social networks in one location. Overblog lets you enjoy and justify your other social networks as it comes together seamlessly in an online magazine/blog that your followers might also appreciate.

2) Overblog will go mobile. (Yes I asked!). The social networks assembled on Overblog are already mobile, and we use these networks during the commute to/from work or during bathroom breaks.  I am still optimizing my use of Overblog but it appears to be the mainstream blogger’s dream.

I predict a future text message of this sort: Hey! On way to work, I’m going OVER to your blog.

Heck, they even got Scoble Approved.

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