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September 27, 2012



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I have some books on my table that I don’t necessarily let out of sight.  This is my way of encouraging myself to periodically flip through it after I’ve already read it.

I’m going to point you in the direction towards a great resource I believe you should invest in and keep on your table!  Whether if you are a social media novice or whiz see my review on Ric Dragon’s Social Marketology: Improve your Social Media Processes and Get Your Customers to Stay Forever.  He has designed a versatile framework that holds fundamental principles of social marketing that will work whichever social networks are the sexiest at the moment! But there’s some intellectual quirkiness to it, but you will find more out here.

I  also wanted the opportunity to introduce you to SteamFeed where my book review resides. I was honored to be selected as one of their authors to champion their cause. There are two things you need to know: 1) It is a revolution and 2) A place full of resources on marketing, social media, tech and businesses by real, cool professionals. Meaning we’ve all had enough of ‘experts’, ‘gurus’, ‘warriors’ and whatever term people try to convince us they’re top of the pyramid when they really aren’t. Viva La Revolution!

I hope you get acquainted with SteamFeed and consider checking out the book. It’s *the* book I would have community managers and social media teams place their hands on and be sworn in!

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  • http://twitter.com/DanielGHebert Daniel Hebert

    Thanks for this write-up Anne! :) We appreciate you spreading the word!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/DJThistle djthistle

    Thanks Anne! We love having you as a SteamFeeder!

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