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August 3, 2012


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Jean Baudrillard is my favorite philosopher. I read Simulcra and Simulation a while ago, and it’s stuck with me since I saw how the theory applied to media culture. Basically, he claims the human experience is a simulation of reality and the media is a construct of reality.

He explains, “Simulation is no longer that of a terrority, a referential being or a substance.  It is the generation of models of a real without origin or reality: a hyperreal.  The territory no longer precedes the map, nor survives it. Henceforth, it is the map that precedes the territory – precession of simulacra.” The ‘map’ concept can be applied in media culture.  In this case, I’m speaking of the simulacrum (tweets, blogs, images) in social media that paves the way for our perceptions.

I pose a challenging question at the end though….

I originally made this video for my friend @Marketing_Chap, who knows how to churn out really insightful blog posts and I decided to have some fun and challenge him. In the spirit of #FF check out this amusing chap! 

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  • Mark Etingchap

    I say, chapette, stirring stuff that. The #FF is much appreciated, but your insightful thoughts even more so. If memory serves correct you are speaking of what’s known in Philosophy as ‘Idealism,’ but the idea of applying it to our social media constructs is a new, and very profound observation in my book.

    Not that I know much about constructing a hyper-real perception of my true self. Not a bit. Not me.

    I look forward to more, as always. Now, where did I put my pipe….

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